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Workshops / Conferences

  • HyMeX SOPs' debriefing workshop, 15-17 April 2013, Toulouse, France

  • From 15 to 17 April 2013, the International Conference Centre of Météo-France in Toulouse will host a 3-day debriefing workshop dedicated to HyMeX SOPs. The workshop will aim to get an overview of the field operations, review the situations documented during the IOPs of both SOP1 and SOP2, the datasets available, and opportunities of further collaborative studies within the working groups in the domains of: (i) instrument analyses, cross-validation studies, data assimilation, (ii) multi-scale, multi-compartment modelling using SOP1 and SOP2 data, (iii) studies of the IOP cases.

  • HyMeX Task Team Modelling 3 / Med-CORDEX workshop 28-30 March 2012, Toulouse, France