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9th HyMeX Workshop - First Announcement
Posted 04.12.2014

  • The 9th HyMeX Workshop will take place from 21 to 25 September 2015, in Mykonos Island, Greece.
    It will be organized by the National Observatory of Athens at Saint-John hotel. The first circular of the workshop will be available soon. We are looking forward to meeting you in Mykonos.
    Contacts: Vassiliki Kotroni and Kostas Lagouvardos (NOA)

  • Hydrological EOP overview paper published in HESS
    Updated 24.10.2014

  • The article depicting the observation and modelling stategy implemented over the French watersheds for the monitoring, understanding and modelling of flash-floods has been published in Hydrology and Earth System Sciences. See "Multi-scale hydrometeorological observation and modelling for flash-flood understanding" by Braud et al. in HyMeX publication list.
    Contact: Isabelle Braud (IRSTEA)

  • 8th International HyMeX Workshop - 15-18 September 2014, Valletta, Malta
    Updated 24.10.2014

  • The 8th HyMeX workshop was successfully held from 15 to 18 September 2014 at the University of Malta, Valletta Campus, Malta. More information about the workshop, including the posters and presentations in pdf, are avaibable in the workshops section.

  • MedCORDEX simulations available to the HyMeX database users
    Posted 28.08.2014

  • The HyMeX Science Team working in regional climate modelling, also known as the MedCORDEX initiative, is pleased to announce the release of the simulation database hosted at ENEA for all the HyMeX users. The database includes evaluation runs for which the Regional Climate Models (RCMs) are driven by the ECMWF ERA-Interim reanalysis (1979-2013) as well as historical and scenario runs downscaling CMIP5 GCMs (1950-2100) and following the RCP4.5 and RCP8.5 scenarios. Anyone having registered to the MISTRALS/HyMeX database can fully access the MedCORDEX database. At the moment the database is made of nearly 100,000 netcdf data files which occupy 2 Tb of data.
    The use of this data is strongly encouraged.
    Contacts: Emanuele Lombardi (ENEA), Paolo Ruti (ENEA), Samuel Somot (CNRM).

  • HyMeX BAMS papers published
    Posted 28.08.2014

  • The two overview papers on HyMeX and HyMeX SOP1 have been published in the July issue of the Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society. For details, see HyMeX publication list.

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    HyMeX aims at a better understanding, quantification and modelling of the hydrological cycle in the Mediterranean, with emphasis on the predictability and evolution of extreme weather events, inter-annual to decadal variability of the Mediterranean coupled system, and associated trends in the context of global change.The multidisciplinary research and database developed within HyMeX aim to improve observational and modelling systems, better predict extreme events, simulate the long-term water-cycle, and provide guidelines for adaptation measures.

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