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9th HyMeX Workshop - 3rd circular
Updated 08.06.2015

  • The 9th HyMeX Workshop will take place from 21 to 25 September 2015, in Mykonos Island, Greece.
    It will be organized by the National Observatory of Athens at Saint-John hotel. More information in the 3rd workshop circular.
    Registration is now open. See: 9th HyMeX workshop.
    Looking forward to meeting you in Mykonos.
    Contacts: Vassiliki Kotroni and Kostas Lagouvardos (NOA)

  • MISTRALS International Conference, Marseille (France), Oct. 20-22 2015
    Updated 29.04.2015

  • This Mid-term symposium of he meta-program MISTRALS is a sigificant moment for its already implemented actions including the HyMeX program, and the future orientations of MISTRALS.
    Conference 1st circular

  • Atmospheric electricity SOP1 overview paper published in AMT
    Updated 10.02.2015

  • The overview paper of the PEACH project, the atmospheric electricity component of HyMeX, and instruments has been published in AMT. During HyMeX SOP1 from 5 September to 6 November 2012, PEACH has deployed and operated a series of instruments, in conjunction with four European operational lightning locating systems (ATDnet, EUCLID, LINET, ZEUS), to observe the lightning activity over the northwestern Mediterranean at flash, storm and regional scales, building a comprehensive data set to understand and characterize continental and maritime thunderstorms in the area. See "An overview of the lightning and atmospheric electricity observations collected in southern France during the HYdrological cycle in Mediterranean EXperiment (HyMeX), Special Observation Period 1" by Defer et al. in the HyMeX publication list.
    Contact: Eric Defer (LERMA, Observatoire de Paris & CNRS)

  • Third fall hydrological field campaign successfully completed as part of HyMeX EOP
    Posted 06.01.2015

  • From September 1, to December 15, 2014, a third fall hydrological field campaign has been performed. Instrumentation deployed on the Gard and Ardeche watersheds complemented with on-alert measurements (sampling of flood events for geochemistry analysis, gauging of flooding rivers, soil moisture measurements, field observations of runoff) guided from a permanent monitoring of the hydrometeorological situations (see have allowed to extensively document some of the many events affecting the North-Western Mediterranean watersheds over the period, especially the events of 14-20.09, 09-13.10, 03-04.11, 14-15.11, and 27-29.11.2014. Hydrological post-event surveys have been conducted showing exceeded historical reference floods in some areas. Social surveys will also be carried out to document crisis behavioral responses during flood events.
    Contact: Isabelle Braud (IRSTEA)

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    HyMeX aims at a better understanding, quantification and modelling of the hydrological cycle in the Mediterranean, with emphasis on the predictability and evolution of extreme weather events, inter-annual to decadal variability of the Mediterranean coupled system, and associated trends in the context of global change.The multidisciplinary research and database developed within HyMeX aim to improve observational and modelling systems, better predict extreme events, simulate the long-term water-cycle, and provide guidelines for adaptation measures.

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