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1st HyMeX workshop 9-11 January 2007, Toulouse, France


The Mediterranean region features a near closed sea surrounded by very urbanized littorals and mountains from which numerous rivers originate. This results in a lot of interactions and feedbacks between oceanic-atmospheric-continental surfaces processes that play a predominant role on climate and its ecosystems. Moreover, they frequently cause extreme events (heavy precipitation and flash-flooding, strong winds and large swell, droughts) that produce heavy damages and human losses. The ability to predict such dramatic events remains weak because of the contribution of very fine-scale processes and their non-linear interactions with the larger scale processes. The Mediterranean climate is also influenced by both sub-tropical and mid-latitude climate dynamics and is therefore very sensitive to global climate change.
Research on the Mediterranean is currently limited in all the compartments (atmosphere, ocean, hydrology, biogeochemistry, social sciences) by a lack of observations. The on-going reflections at the national and international levels converge towards the need for a multi-scale experimental campaign in the decade to come. One component of this project would be dedicated to the water cycle (component identified under the acronym HyMeX for "HYdrological cycles in the Mediterranean Experiment").

Workshop Objectives

The French community begins the drafting of a white book focused on the water cycle in the Mediterranean to (i) identify the current bolts and scientific questions that such an experimental project should tackle and (ii) propose experimental and modelling strategies to address these questions. This first Mediterranean workshop supported by INSU and Météo-France, aims at presenting the white book of the HyMeX project and making possible to largely discuss it. It is an important step in the project definition process and the definition of the actions to conduct at national and international levels.
This workshop will also facilitate the inter and intra-disciplinary exchanges in the fields related to the Mediterranean such as oceanography, physics of the atmosphere, hydrology, atmospheric chemistry and marine biogeochemistry, marine and terrestrial ecosystems, anthroposystems, social sciences,…, particularly thanks to dedicated poster sessions. It will also contribute to the promotion of the project near representatives of the international community.