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12th HyMeX Workshop, 20 - 23 May 2019, Split, Croatia

Workshop programme

Monday    Tuesday    Wednesday    Thursday    Posters

Monday 20 May 2019

13:00 - 14:00
Room: 1

14:00 - 15:30
Room: 1

15:30 - 16:30
Room: 1
15:30 The EXAEDRE campaign for a better understanding of the microphysical, dynamical and electrical processes in thunderstorms
Eric Defer (E. Defer, S. Coquillat, P. De Guibert, D. Lambert, K. Lee, J.-P. Pinty, V. Pont, S. Prieur, I. Reinares, E. Richard, O. Caumont, F. Erdmann, L. Labatut, M. Buguet, P. Blanchet, P. Lalande, G. Labrouche, S. Pedeboy, J.-Y. Lojou, A. Schwarzenboeck, R. Dupuy, G. Febvre, J.-F. Fourniol, C. Gourbeyre, J.-M. Pichon, J. Delanoë, C. Caudoux, C. Legac, J. Pelon, F. Trompier, L. Guiraud, J.-P. Desbios, J.-C. Canonici, C. Calas, M. Kreitz, S. Dafis, P. Goloub, L. Blarel, T. Podvin, T. Farges, A. Parodi, M. Lagasio and J. E. Dye)
15:45 Land Surface Interactions with the Atmosphere over the Iberian Semi-Arid Environment (LIAISE) : Field campaign overview
Aaron Boone (A. Boone, M. Best, J. Cuxart, J. Polcher, P. Quintana, J. Bellvert, J. Brooke, G. Canut-Rocafort and J. Price)
16:00 Contrasting trends between extreme precipitation and floods under climate change
Yves Tramblay (Y. Tramblay, L. Mimeau, L. Neppel, S. Somot)
16:15 Understanding social response dynamics to better predict high impact weather events: Lessons from post-flood behavioural surveys
Isabelle Ruin (I. Ruin, J. Ali, G. Terti)

16:30 - 17:00Coffee break

17:00 - 18:30
Room: 1
17:00 Present-climate trends and variability in thermohaline properties of the northern Adriatic shelf
Ivica Vilibic (Ivica Vilibić, Petra Zemunik, Jadranka Sepic, Natalija Dunic, Oussama Marzouk, Hrvoje Mihanovic, Clea Denamiel, Robert Precali, Tamara Djakovac)
17:15 Drivers of climate variability and sources of predictability for the Mediterranean region: preliminary results from a set of idealised experiments
Silvio Gualdi (Constantin Ardilouze, Lauriane Batté, Marianna Benassi, Javier Garcia–Serrano, Silvio Gualdi, Stefano Materia, Froila Palmeiro, Paolo Ruggieri)
17:30 Eastern Mediterranean weather regimes in 21st century CMIP5
Pinhas Alpert (A. Hochman, T. Harpaz, H. Saaroni, P. Alpert)
17:45 Short-range ensemble prediction of precipitation
François Bouttier (Bouttier François, Axelle Fleury and Hugo Marchal)
18:00 Exploring Deep Learning Algorithms in Forecasting the Occurrence of Intensive Flash Events in Corsica
Chien Wang (C. Wang, E. Richard, S. Pedeboy)
18:15 Impact of Rapid Scan Atmospheric Motion Vectors on the predictability of a medicane case
Victor Homar (D. Carrió, V. Homar)

19:00Welcome reception

Tuesday 21 May 2019

08:45 - 10:00 Parallel session
08:45 - 10:00
Room: 1
08:45 Extreme hydrological events in the upper Tagus river basin.
M. J. OrtizBevia (OrtizBevia M.J., Ruiz de Elvira A., Alvarez-García F. J.)
09:00 The Vaia storm event of 27-30 October 2018 in North-Eastern Italy: forcing mechanisms and sensitivity to boundary conditions
Silvio Davolio (D. Zardi, L. Giovannini, S. Davolio, F. Marra, M. Zaramella, M. Borga)
09:15 A radar-based climatological study of the Salou region thunderstorms: knowing the present for better future scenarios adaptation
Maria Carmen Llasat (A. del Moral, M.C. Llasat, T. Rigo)
09:30 ANYCaRE: A role-playing game to investigate crisis decision-making and communication challenges in weather-related hazards
Terti Galateia (G. Terti, I. Ruin, M. Kalas, I. Láng, A. Cangròs i Alonso, T. Sabbatini)
09:45 Adapt or resist facing flash floods?
Céline Lutoff (Lutoff Céline, Creutin Jean-Dominique, Ruin Isabelle, Duvillard Sylvie, Anquetin Sandrine, Borga Marco)
08:30 - 10:00
Room: 2
Science team meeting - EXAEDRE/ST-Lightning (start time 08:30)
Chair: E. Defer

10:00 - 11:00Poster session 1 and coffee break

11:00 - 13:00 Parallel session
11:00 - 13:00
Room: 1
11:00 Revisiting fundamental concepts in Mediterranean predictability: Liouville equation and Tailored breds
Victor Homar (A. Hermoso; V. Homar)
11:15 An ensemble-variational assimilation scheme for the AROME model: recent results at high resolution and a case study.
11:30 Simulation of deep convective clouds from the HyMeX campaign using a realistic population of CCN and IFN
Benoit Vié (B. Vié, M. Taufour, C. Lac, V. Ducrocq)
11:45 Impact of turbulence representation on deep convective clouds for two HyMeX IOPs.
Didier Ricard (D. Ricard, N. Rochetin, C. Lac, A. Verrelle)
12:00 Simulation of electrical convective systems occurring in Corsica Island during the EXAEDRE field campaign
Keun-Ok Lee (Keun-Ok Lee, Jean-Pierre Pinty, Evelyne Richard, Eric Defer, Sylvain Coquillat, Stéphane Pedeboy, Alfons Schwarzenboeck, Julien Delanoë, Magalie Buguet)
12:15 The Western Mediterranean thunderstorms climatology
Stephane Pedeboy (S. Pedeboy, P. Barneoud, E. Defer, S. Coquillat, E. Richard, M. Kreitz)
12:30 Combined use of Raman lidar measurements and MESO-NH model simulations for the characterization of complex water vapour field structures and their genesis
Paolo Di Girolamo (Paolo Di Girolamo, Marie-Noelle Bouin)
12:45 Observations of a winter storm during the Cerdanya-2017 field campaign in the Eastern Pyrenees mountains
Joan Bech (J. Bech, S. Gonzalez, M. Udina, M.R. Soler, L. Trapero, A. Paci, J. R. Miró, B. Codina)
11:00 - 13:00
Room: 2
Science team meeting - FFV

13:00 - 14:30Lunch break

14:30 - 16:00 Parallel session
14:30 - 16:00
Room: 1
14:30 Past climate variability study of Heavy Precipitation Events in the north-western Mediterranean using the Convection-Permitting Regional Climate Model CNRM-AROME41
Cécile Caillaud (C. Caillaud, S. Somot, A. Alias, Q. Fumière, A. Ribes, I. Bernard-Bouissières)
14:45 Multi-models analysis of triggering of precipitation: impact of model resolution and climate change
Philippe Drobinski (Sophie Bastin, Minh T. Ha, Philippe Drobinski, M. Chiriaco, O. Bock, L. Fita-Borrel and model providers)
15:00 Characterization of the air-sea exchanges during a Mediterranean heavy precipitation event using realistic sea state modelling
Cesar Sauvage (C. Sauvage, C. Lebeaupin Brossier, M-N. Bouin, V. Ducrocq)
15:15 Impact of ocean-atmosphere coupling on the medicane Qendresa through high-resolution numerical simulation.
Marie-Noelle Bouin (Marie-Noëlle Bouin, Cindy Lebeaupin Brossier)
15:30 Adriatic Sea and Lake-effect snow over central Italy
Silvio Davolio (Silvio Davolio, Antonio Frigioni, Silvana Di Sabatino)
15:45 Analysis of pseudo radar-based QPE errors due to the variability of the Z-R relationship from disdrometers dataset
B. Boudevillain or I. Diabi (I. Diabi Skhakhfa, B. Boudevillain, G. Delrieu)
11:00 - 13:00
Room: 2
Science team meeting - Energy

16:00 - 16:30Coffee break

16:30 - 18:00 Parallel session
16:30 - 18:00
Room: 1
16:30 Modelling the response of soil moisture to climate scenarios in the Mediterranean region
Louise Mimeau (L.Mimeau, Y.Tramblay, L.Brocca, C.Massari, M.Zribi, S.Gascoin, V.Simonneaux, H.Jourde, P.Brunet)
16:45 Evaluation of drought representation and propagation in ERA-Interim forced Regional Climate Model simulations over Spain.
Anaïs Barella-Ortiz (A. Barella-Ortiz, P. Quintana-Seguí)
17:00 West versus East Mediterranean climate over the last millennium from Vermetid skeleton isotopes and CMIP5/PMIP3 models
Yael Amitai (Yael Amitai , Ruth Yam , Paolo Montagna , and Aldo Shemesh)
17:15 Attribution of an anomalous summerization of the springtime detected over the Western Mediterranean
Aina Maimó (A. Maimó, V. Homar)
17:30 Climate study of the Sidi Slimane region, Morocco.
Salah Ait-si (Salah Ait-si , Driss Belghyti)
17:45 Predicting extreme dry spell risk based on probability distribution in a Mediterranean climate Tunisian basin
Majid Mathlouthi (M. Mathlouth, F. Lebdi)
16:30 - 18:00
Room: 2
Science team meeting - MedLab
Chair: C. Calas

18:00 - 22:00
Room: 3
ISSC meeting

Wednesday 22 May 2019

08:45 - 10:00 Parallel session
08:45 - 10:00
Room: 1
08:45 Six consecutive years (and adding) without Deep (>2000 m) Water Formation in the NW Mediterranean Sea
J. Salat (J. Salat, P. Puig, A. Martínez, R. Balbín, M. Flexas, A. Sabatés, J. Pascual)
09:00 A unique hydrological time series of twelve years (2003-2015) of in the Gulf of Lion (42°N-5°E, 2300m).
Isabelle Taupier-Letage (I. Taupier-Letage, J-L. Fuda)
09:15 Interannual variability of the Levantine Intermediate Water and other Mediterranean Sea characteristics in a multi-decadal simulation with the regional system model CNRM-RCSM6.
Florence Sevault (F. Sevault, S. Somot, P. Nabat, R. Waldman)
09:30 3D structure of long-lived eddies in the Mediterranean Sea: the DYNED-Atlas data base.
A.Stegner (A.Stegner, B.LeVu, A. Ioannou, C.Pegliasco, A.Chaigneau, F.Dumas, Y.Faugere)
09:45 Demonstrator of Ocean Climate Services on the Mediterranean Sea
Xia JIN (Xia JIN, Mathieu Vrac, Karim Ramage, Sébastien Denvil, Jonathan Beuvier, Philippe Drobinski)
08:30 - 10:00
Room: 2
Science team meeting - HP (starting time 08:30)

10:00 - 11:00Poster session 2 and coffee break

11:00 - 12:00 Parallel session
11:00 - 12:00
Room: 1
11:00 Sensitivity of the Mediterranean summer climate to soil moisture in numerical experiments
Constantin Ardilouze (C. Ardilouze, L. Batté, S. Materia, M. Benassi, C. Prodhomme)
11:15 How drier will the Mediterranean be in a warmer climate?
Philippe Drobinski (Drobinski P., Da Silva N., Bastin S., Mailler S., Muller C., Ahrens B., Christensen O.B., Lionello P.; Raymond F.)
11:30 Using remote sensing data and land-surface models to understand and monitor drought in a human influenced environment within the HUMID project
Pere Quintana-Seguí (P. Quintana-Seguí, Anaïs Barella-Ortiz, María José Escorihuela, Jacopo Dari, Qi Gao, Florence Habets, Jan Polcher, Micha Werner, Aaron Boone, Yves Tramblay, Germán Solé, and Luis Garrote.)
11:45 Potential effects of soil moisture conditions in the WMed on the development of local extremes and central European heat and drought
Samiro Khodayar (S. Khodayar, S. Helgert)
11:00 - 12:00
Room: 2
Science team meeting - TIP

12:00 - 13:00
Room: 1
Discussion- 10 years of HyMeX legacy

13:00 - 14:30Lunch break

14:30 - 16:00 Parallel session
14:30 - 16:00
Room: 1
14:30 Assimilation of Sentinel-derived and GNSS-derived Zenith Total Delay in high impact weather events numerical simulations over Italy
AN Meroni (Lagasio M, Meroni AN, Parodi A, Pulvirenti L, Pierdicca N, Venuti G, Monti-Guarnieri A, Realini E, Gatti A, Tagliaferro G, Barindelli S, Passera E, Rucci A, Rommen B)
14:45 Impact of the data assimilation of airborne cloud-profiling radar data on the prediction of heavy-precipitation events
Olivier Caumont (M. Borderies, O. Caumont, J. Delanoë, V. Ducrocq, N. Fourrié, P. Marquet)
15:00 A network of water vapor Raman lidars for improving heavy precipitation forecasting in southern France – The WaLiNeAs initiative
Cyrille Flamant (C. Flamant, P. Chazette, O. Caumont, E. Richard, A. Berhendt, P. Di Girolamo, J. Totems, P. Genau, N. Fourrié, P. Brousseau, V. Ducrocq, M. Nuret, L. Labatut, M. Cacciani, D. Summa, B. De Rosa, and V. Wulmeyer)
15:15 Impact study of observation data set assimilation on the forecast quality during HyMeX SOP1.
Nadia Fourrié (N. Fourrié, M. Nuret, P. Brousseau, O. Caumont, E. Wattrelot, P. Moll, H. Bénichou, O. Bock, P. Bosser, P. Chazette, C. Flamant, P. Di Girolamo, E. Richard)
15:30 The role of Dry Air Intrusions in large-scale dust storms in North Africa and the Mediterranean
Elody Fluck (Elody Fluck, Shira Raveh-Rubin)
15:45 Analysis of a chain of meteotsunami events in the Mediterranean from 23 – 27 June 2014
Kristian Horvath (Kristian Horvath, Maja Telišman-Prtenjak, Jadranka Šepić, Ivica Vilibić)
14:30 - 16:00
Room: 2
Science team meeting - LIAISE

16:30 - 23:00City tour and Gala dinner

Thursday 23 May 2019

08:45 - 09:45
Room: 1
08:45 Role of atmospheric resolution in the long-term seasonal variability of the Tyrrhenian Sea circulation from a set of ocean hindcast simulations (1997 - 2008)
Alba de la Vara (A. de la Vara, P. Galán del Sastre, T. Arsouze, C. Gallardo, M.Á. Gaertner)
09:00 Wind forcing temporal resolution in a Central Mediterranean Sea model
Ali Harzallah (A. Harzallah, M. Ouni, Thiaw W., A. Mehra)
09:15 Simulating the Mediterranean and Black Sea climate with the AWI climate models: From global to regional scales
William Cabos (William Cabos, Dmitry Sein, Dmitry Sidorenko, Alba de la Vara Fernandez, Sergey Danilov)
09:30 Coupled ocean-atmosphere climate change at the coastal scale: the test case of the Adriatic Sea
Clea Denamiel (Clea Denamiel, Ivica Vilibić)

09:45 - 10:45Poster session 3 and coffee break

10:45 - 12:00
Room: 1
10:45 Real-time inundation mapping with a 2D hydraulic modelling tool based on adaptive grid refinement: the case of the October 2015 French Riviera flood
François Bourgin (G. Kirstetter, F. Bourgin, P. Brigode, O. Delestre)
11:00 Evaluation of the performances of ensemble hydrometeorological strategies for flash flood forecast and alert
Hélène Roux (Hélène Roux, Arnau Amengual, Romu Romero, Ernest Bladé, Marcos Ramos)
11:15 Data assimilation applied to a distributed rain-flow model for flash flood warnings
Maxime Jay-Allemand (Jay-Allemand Maxime , Gejadze Igor , Javelle Pierre , Organde Didier , Fine Jean- Alain , Arnaud Patrick & Malaterre Pierre-Olivier)
11:30 Mapping flood-related mortality in the Mediterranean basin. Results from the MEFF DB
Freddy Vinet (F Vinet, V Bigot, O Petrucci, K. Papagiannaki, M. Carmen Llasat, L. Aceto, V. Kotroni , M. Llasat-Botija, Angela A. Pasqua, L. Boissier, J. Rosselló)
11:45 The role of atmospheric processes associated with a flash-flood event over northwestern Turkey
Hakki Baltaci (Hakki Baltaci, Hilal Arslan, Bulent Oktay Akkoyunlu)

12:00 - 13:00
Room: 1

Poster sessions

Poster session 1 - Tuesday 21 May 2019

Poster session 2 - Wednesday 22 May 2019
  • P2.3: The EXAEDRE data catalog
    E. Defer, S. Coquillat, P. De Guibert, D. Lambert, J.-P. Pinty, V. Pont, S. Prieur, E. Richard, O. Caumont, L. Labatut, M. Buguet, S. Pedeboy, A. Schwarzenboeck, J. Delanoë, J. Pelon, B. Boudevillain, F. Trompier, L. Guiraud, C. Calas, M. Kreitz, P. Goloub, T. Farges, A. Parodi, and M. Lagasio

Poster session 3 - Thursday 23 May 2019