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Brilouet, P.-E., Durand, P. and Canut, G., 2017:
The marine atmospheric boundary layer under strong wind conditions: organized turbulence structure and flux estimates by airborne measurements
Journal of Geophysical Research: Atmospheres. (2016JD025960)
[bibtex] [pdf] [doi]
Davolio, S., Henin, R., Stocchi, P. and Buzzi, A., 2017:
Bora wind and heavy persistent precipitation: atmospheric water balance and role of air-sea fluxes over the Adriatic Sea
Quarterly Journal of the Royal Meteorological Society. (QJ-16-0292.R1)
[bibtex] [pdf] [doi]
Federico, S., Petracca, M., Panegrossi, G. and Dietrich, S., 2017:
Improvement of RAMS precipitation forecast at the short-range through lightning data assimilation
Natural Hazards and Earth System Sciences, 17, 61-76.
[bibtex] [pdf] [doi]
Herrmann, M., Auger, P.-A., Ulses, C. and Estournel, C., 2017:
Long-term monitoring of ocean deep convection using multisensors altimetry and ocean color satellite data
Journal of Geophysical Research: Oceans.
[bibtex] [pdf] [doi]
Linés, C., Werner, M. and Bastiaanssen, W., 2017:
The predictability of reported drought events and impacts in the Ebro Basin using six different remote sensing data sets
Hydrology and Earth System Sciences Discussions, 2017, 1-24.
[bibtex] [pdf] [doi]
Adamovic, M., Bouvier, C., Brunet, P. and Ayral, P.-A., 2016:
Assessing hydrodynamic properties of soils under natural and artificial rainfalls at the plot scale in the Valescure catchment, France
Hydrological Processes. (In preparation)
Adamovic, M., Branger, F., Braud, I. and Kralisch, S., 2016:
Development of a data-driven distributed hydrological model for regional scale catchments prone to Mediterranean flash floods
Journal of Hydrology. (Submitted)
Adirosi, E., Baldini, L., Roberto, N., Gatlin, P. and Tokay, A., 2016:
Improvement of vertical profiles of raindrop size distribution from micro rain radar using 2D video disdrometer measurements
Atmospheric Research, 169, Part B, 404-415.
[bibtex] [pdf] [doi]
Adler, B. and Kalthoff, N., 2016:
The impact of upstream flow on the atmospheric boundary layer in a valley on a mountainous island
Boundary-Layer Meteorology, 158, 429-452.
[bibtex] [pdf] [doi]
Adler, B., Kalthoff, N., Kohler, M., Handwerker, J., Wieser, A., Corsmeier, U., Kottmeier, C., Lambert, D. and Bock, O., 2016:
The variability of water vapour and pre-convective conditions over the mountainous island of Corsica
Quarterly Journal of the Royal Meteorological Society, 142, 335-346.
[bibtex] [pdf] [doi]
Adloff, F., Jordà, G., Somot, S., Sevault, F., Meyssignac, B., Arsouze, T., Li, L. and Planton, S., 2016:
On the representation of Mediterranean sea level in regional climate models
Climate Dynamics. (Submitted)
Artinyan, E., Vincendon, B., Kroumova, K., Nedkov, N., Tsarev, P., Balabanova, S. and Koshinchanov, G., 2016:
Flood forecasting and alert system for Arda River basin
Journal of Hydrology.
[bibtex] [pdf] [doi]
Augros, C., Caumont, O., Ducrocq, V., Gaussiat, N. and Tabary, P., 2016:
Comparisons between S-, C-, and X-band polarimetric radar observations and convective-scale simulations of the HyMeX first special observing period
Quarterly Journal of the Royal Meteorological Society, 142, 347-362.
[bibtex] [pdf] [doi]
Barthlott, C., Adler, B., Kalthoff, N., Handwerker, J., Kohler, M. and Wieser, A., 2016:
The role of Corsica in initiating nocturnal offshore convection
Quarterly Journal of the Royal Meteorological Society, 142, 222-237.
[bibtex] [pdf] [doi]
Barthlott, C. and Davolio, S., 2016:
Mechanisms initiating heavy precipitation over Italy during HyMeX Special Observation Period 1: a numerical case study using two mesoscale models
Quarterly Journal of the Royal Meteorological Society, 142, 238-258.
[bibtex] [pdf] [doi]
Bastin, S., Chiriaco, M. and Drobinski, P., 2016:
Control of radiation and evaporation on temperature variability in a WRF regional climate simulation: comparison with colocated long term ground based observations near Paris
Climate Dynamics, 1-19.
[bibtex] [pdf] [doi]
Berthou, S., Mailler, S., Drobinski, P., Arsouze, T., Bastin, S., Béranger, K. and Lebeaupin Brossier, C., 2016:
Lagged effects of the Mistral wind on heavy precipitation through ocean-atmosphere coupling in the region of Valencia (Spain)
Climate Dynamics.
[bibtex] [pdf] [doi]
Berthou, S., Mailler, S., Drobinski, P., Arsouze, T., Bastin, S., Béranger, K., Flaounas, E., Lebeaupin Brossier, C., Somot, S. and Stéfanon, M., 2016:
Influence of submonthly air-sea coupling on heavy precipitation events in the Western Mediterranean basin
Quarterly Journal of the Royal Meteorological Society, 142, 453-471.
[bibtex] [pdf] [doi]
Besson, L., Caumont, O., Goulet, L., Bastin, S., Menut, L., Bresson, E., Fourrié, N., Fabry, F. and Parent du Châtelet, J., 2016:
Comparison of real-time refractivity measurements by radar with automatic weather stations, AROME-WMED and WRF forecast simulations during SOP1 of the HyMeX campaign
Quarterly Journal of the Royal Meteorological Society, 142, 138-152.
[bibtex] [pdf] [doi]
Blanchet, J., Molinié, G. and Touati, J., 2016:
Spatial analysis of trend in extreme daily rainfall in southern France
Climate Dynamics.
[bibtex] [pdf] [doi]
Bock, O., Bosser, P., Pacione, R., Nuret, M., Fourrié, N. and Parracho, A., 2016:
A high-quality reprocessed ground-based GPS dataset for atmospheric process studies, radiosonde and model evaluation, and reanalysis of HyMeX Special Observing Period
Quarterly Journal of the Royal Meteorological Society, 142, 56-71.
[bibtex] [pdf] [doi]
Boudevillain, B., Delrieu, G., Wijbrans, A. and Confoland, A., 2016:
A high-resolution rainfall re-analysis based on radar-raingauge merging in the Cévennes-Vivarais region, France
Journal of Hydrology.
[bibtex] [pdf] [doi]
Bousquet, O., Delanoë, J. and Bielli, S., 2016:
Evaluation of 3D wind observations inferred from the analysis of airborne and ground-based radars during HyMeX SOP-1
Quarterly Journal of the Royal Meteorological Society, 142, 86-94.
[bibtex] [pdf] [doi]
Bouttier, F., Raynaud, L., Nuissier, O. and Ménétrier, B., 2016:
Sensitivity of the AROME ensemble to initial and surface perturbations during HyMeX
Quarterly Journal of the Royal Meteorological Society, 142, 390-403.
[bibtex] [pdf] [doi]
Bouvier, C., Ayral, P.-A., Brunet, P., Didon-Lescot, J.-F., Le Bourgeois, O., Borrell, V. and Nguyen, Q.S., 2016:
Hydrological processes generating flash floods in a small mountainous Mediterranean French catchment
Journal of Hydrology. (Submitted)
Campins, J. and Navascués, B., 2016:
Impact of targeted observations on HIRLAM forecasts during HyMeX-SOP1
Quarterly Journal of the Royal Meteorological Society, 142, 363-376.
[bibtex] [pdf] [doi]
Carreau, J. and Bouvier, C., 2016:
Multivariate density model comparison for multi-site flood-risk rainfall in the French Mediterranean area
Stochastic Environmental Research and Risk Assessment, 30, 1591-1612.
[bibtex] [pdf] [doi]
Chakroun, M., Bastin, S., Chiriaco, M. and Chepfer, H., 2016:
Characterization of vertical cloud variability over Europe using spatial lidar observations and regional simulation
Climate Dynamics, 1-23.
[bibtex] [pdf] [doi]
Chazette, P., Flamant, C., Raut, J.-Ch., Totems, J. and Shang, X., 2016:
Tropical moisture enriched storm tracks over the Mediterranean and their link with intense rainfall in the Cevennes-Vivarais area during HyMeX
Quarterly Journal of the Royal Meteorological Society, 142, 320-334.
[bibtex] [pdf] [doi]
Chazette, P., Flamant, C., Shang, X., Totems, J., Raut, J.-C., Doerenbecher, A., Ducrocq, V., Fourrié, N., Bock, O. and Cloché, S., 2016:
A multi-instrument and multi-model assessment of atmospheric moisture variability over the Western Mediterranean during HyMeX
Quarterly Journal of the Royal Meteorological Society, 142, 7-22.
[bibtex] [pdf] [doi]
Cindrić, K., Telišman Prtenjak, M., Herceg-Bulić, I., Mihajlović, D. and Pasarić, Z., 2016:
Analysis of the extraordinary 2011/2012 drought in Croatia
Theoretical and Applied Climatology, 123, 503-522.
[bibtex] [pdf] [doi]
Coppola, E., Raffaele, F. and Giorgi, F., 2016:
Impact of climate change on runoff timing over the Alpine region
Climate Dynamics. (Submitted)
Davolio, S., Volonté, A., Manzato, A., Pucillo, A., Cicogna, A. and Ferrario, M.E., 2016:
Mechanisms producing different precipitation patterns over north-eastern Italy: insights from HyMeX-SOP1 and previous events
Quarterly Journal of the Royal Meteorological Society, 142, 188-205.
[bibtex] [pdf] [doi]
Debionne, S., Ruin, I., Shabou, S., Lutoff, C. and Creutin, J.-D., 2016:
Assessment of commuters' daily exposure to flash flooding over the roads of the Gard region, France
Journal of Hydrology.
[bibtex] [pdf] [doi]
Dell'Aquila, A., Mariotti, A., Bastin, S., Calmanti, S., Cavicchia, L., Déqué, M., Djurdjevic, V., Dominguez, M., Gaertner, M. and Gualdi, S., 2016:
Evaluation of simulated decadal variations over the Euro-Mediterranean region from ENSEMBLES to Med-CORDEX
Climate Dynamics. (Submitted)
Di Girolamo, P., Flamant, C., Cacciani, M., Richard, E., Ducrocq, V., Summa, D., Stelitano, D., Fourrié, N. and Said, F., 2016:
Observation of low-level wind reversals in the Gulf of Lion area and their impact on the water vapour variability
Quaterly Journal of the Royal Meteorological Society, 142, 153-172.
[bibtex] [pdf] [doi]
Doerenbecher, A., Basdevant, C., Drobinski, P., Durand, P., Fesquet, C., Bernard, F., Cocquerez, P., Verdier, N. and Vargas, A., 2016:
Low atmosphere drifting balloons: platforms for environment monitoring and forecast improvement
Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society.
[bibtex] [pdf] [doi]
Drobinski, P., Da Silva, N., Panthou, G., Bastin, S., Muller, C., Ahrens, B., Borga, M., Conte, D., Fosser, G., Giorgi, F., Güttler, I., Kotroni, V., Li, L., Morin, E., Onol, B., Quintana-Seguí, P., Romera, R. and Torma, C.Z., 2016:
Scaling precipitation extremes with temperature in the Mediterranean: past climate assessment and projection in anthropogenic scenarios
Climate Dynamics.
[bibtex] [pdf] [doi]
Duffourg, F., Nuissier, O., Ducrocq, V., Flamant, C., Chazette, P., Delanoë, J., Doerenbecher, A., Fourrié, N., Di Girolamo, P., Lac, C., Legain, D., Martinet, M., Saïd, F. and Bock, O., 2016:
Offshore deep convection initiation and maintenance during HyMeX IOP16a heavy precipitation event
Quaterly Journal of the Royal Meteorological Society, 142, 259-274.
[bibtex] [pdf] [doi]
Escorihuela, M. J. and Quintana-Seguí, P., 2016:
Comparison of remote sensing and simulated soil moisture datasets in Mediterranean landscapes
Remote Sensing of Environment, 180, 99-114.
[bibtex] [pdf] [doi]
Estournel, C., Testor, P., Damien, P., D’Ortenzio, F., Marsaleix, P., Conan, P., Kessouri, F., Durrieu de Madron, X., Coppola, L., Lellouche, J. M., Belamari, S., Mortier, L., Ulses, C, Bouin, M. N. and Prieur, L., 2016:
High resolution modeling of dense water formation in the north-western Mediterranean during winter 2012–2013: Processes and budget
Journal of Geophysical Research: Oceans, 121, 5367-5392.
[bibtex] [pdf] [doi]
Estournel, C., Testor, P., Taupier-Letage, I., Bouin, M.-N., Coppola, L., Durand, P., Conan, P., Bosse, A., Brilouet, P.-E., Beguery, L., Belamari, S., Béranger, K., Beuvier, J., Bourras, D.and Canut G., Doerenbecher, A., Durrieu de Madron, X., D'Ortenzio, F.and Drobinski P., Ducrocq, V., Fourrié, N., Giordani, H., Houpert, L., Labatut, L., Lebeaupin Brossier, C., Nuret, M., Prieur, L., Roussot, O., Seyfried, L. and Somot, S., 2016:
HyMeX-SOP2: the field campaign dedicated to dense water formation in the northwestern Mediterranean
Oceanography, 29, 196-206.
[bibtex] [pdf] [doi]
Federico, S., 2016:
Implementation of the WSM5 and WSM6 single moment microphysics scheme into the RAMS model: verification for the HyMeX-SOP1
Advances in Meteorology, 2016, 17 pages.
[bibtex] [pdf] [doi]
Flaounas, E., Lagouvardos, K., Kotroni, V., Claud, C., Delanoe, J., Flamant, C., Madonna, E. and Wernli, H., 2016:
Processes leading to heavy precipitation associated with two Mediterranean cyclones observed during the HyMeX SOP1
Quarterly Journal of the Royal Meteorological Society, 142, 275-286.
[bibtex] [pdf] [doi]
Froidurot, S., Molinié, G. and Diedhiou, A., 2016:
Climatology of observed rainfall in southeast France at the Regional Climate Model scales
Climate Dynamics.
[bibtex] [pdf] [doi]
Gaertner, M. et al., 2016:
Impact of ocean-atmosphere coupling and high resolution on the simulation of tropical-like cyclones over the Mediterranean Sea: multi-model analysis with Med-CORDEX and Euro-CORDEX simulations
Climate Dynamics. (Submitted)
Halbert, K., Nguyen, C.C., Payrastre, O. and Gaume, E., 2016:
Reducing uncertainty in flood frequency analyses: a comparison of local and regional approaches involving information on extreme historical floods
Journal of Hydrology.
[bibtex] [pdf] [doi]
Harzallah, A., Jordà, G., Dubois, C., Sannino, G., Carillo, A., Li, L., Arsouze, T., Beuvier, J., Akthar, N. and Ahrens, B., 2016:
Long term evolution of the heat budget in the Mediterranean Sea from Med-CORDEX forced and coupled simulations
Climate Dynamics. (Submitted)
Houpert, L., Durrieu de Madron, X., Testor, P., Bosse, A., Bouin, M.-N., Dausse, D., Le Goff, H., Kunesch, S., Labaste, M., Coppola, L., D'Ortenzio, F., Mortier, L. and Raimbault, P., 2016:
Observation of open-ocean deep convection in the north-western Mediterranean Sea: seasonal and interannual variability of mixing and deep water masses for the 2007-2013 period
Journal of Geophysical Research: Oceans. (In preparation)
Ivančan-Picek, B., Tudor, M., Horvath, K., Stanešić, A. and Ivatek-Šahdan, S., 2016:
Overview of the first HyMeX special observation period over Croatia
Natural Hazards and Earth System Sciences, 16, 2657-2682.
[bibtex] [pdf] [doi]
Khodayar, S., Fosser, G., Berthou, S., Davolio, S., Drobinski, P., Ducrocq, V., Ferretti, R., Nuret, M., Pichelli, E., Richard, E. and Bock, O., 2016:
A seamless weather-climate multi-model intercomparison on the representation of a high impact weather event in the western Mediterranean: HyMeX IOP12
Quarterly Journal of the Royal Meteorological Society, 142, 433-452.
[bibtex] [pdf] [doi]
Khodayar, S., Kalthoff, N. and Kottmeier, C., 2016:
Atmospheric conditions associated with heavy precipitation events in comparison to seasonal means in the western mediterranean region
Climate Dynamics.
[bibtex] [pdf] [doi]
Khodayar, S., Raff, F., Kalthoff, N. and Bock, O., 2016:
Diagnostic study of a high precipitation event in the western Mediterranean: adequacy of current operational networks
Quarterly Journal of the Royal Meteorological Society, 142, 72-85.
[bibtex] [pdf] [doi]
Le Bourgeois, O., Bouvier, C., Brunet, P. and Ayral, P.-A., 2016:
Inverse modeling of soil water content to estimate the hydraulic properties of a shallow soil and the associated weathered bedrock
Journal of Hydrology.
[bibtex] [pdf] [doi]
Le Boursicaud, R., Pénard, L., Hauet, A., Thollet, F. and Le Coz, J., 2016:
Gauging extreme floods on YouTube: application of LSPIV to home movies for the post-event determination of stream discharges
Hydrological Processes, 30, 90-105.
[bibtex] [pdf] [doi]
Lee, K.-O., Flamant, C., Ducrocq, V., Duffourg, F., Fourrié, N. and Davolio, S., 2016:
Convective initiation and maintenance processes of two back-building mesoscale convective systems leading to heavy precipitation events in Southern Italy during HyMeX IOP 13
Quarterly Journal of the Royal Meteorological Society, 142, 2623-2635.
[bibtex] [pdf] [doi]
Legrand, R., Michel, Y. and Montmerle, T., 2016:
Diagnosing non-Gaussianity of forecast and analysis errors in a convective scale model
Nonlinear Processes in Geophysics, 23, 1-12.
[bibtex] [pdf] [doi]
Llasses, J., Jordà, G., Gomis, D., Adloff, F., Sannino, G., Elizalde, A., Harzallah, A., Li, L., Akthar, N. and Macías Moy, D., 2016:
Heat and salt redistribution in the Mediterranean Sea in the Med-CORDEX model ensemble
Climate Dynamics. (Submitted)
Macias, D., Garcia-Gorriz, E., Dosio, A., Stips, A. and Keuler, K., 2016:
Obtaining the correct sea surface temperature: bias correction of regional climate model data for the Mediterranean Sea
Climate Dynamics.
[bibtex] [pdf] [doi]
Magaldi, A.V., Mateu, M., Bech, J. and Lorente, J., 2016:
A long term (1999–2008) study of radar anomalous propagation conditions in the Western Mediterranean
Atmospheric Research, 169, 73-85.
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Marchi, L., Cavalli, M., Amponsah, W., Borga, M. and Crema, S., 2016:
Upper limits of flash flood stream power in Europe
Geomorphology, 272, 68-77.
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Nabat, P., Kiki, Somot, S., Mallet, M. and Michou, M., 2016:
Air pollution modeling and its application XXIV
Chapter in Impact of aerosols in regional climate projections over the Mediterranean area (Steyn, G. Douw; Chaumerliac, Nadine, eds.), 73-78.
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A high space-time resolution dataset linking rainfall forcing, meteorological forcing and hydro-sedimentary response in a mesoscale Mediterranean catchment of the Ardèche region, France
Earth Systems Sciences Data. (In preparation)
Nuissier, O., Marsigli, C., Vincendon, B., Hally, A., Bouttier, F., Montani, A. and Paccagnella, T., 2016:
Evaluation of two convection-permitting ensemble systems in the HyMeX Special Observation Period (SOP1) framework
Quarterly Journal of the Royal Meteorological Society, 142, 404-418.
[bibtex] [pdf] [doi]
Obermann, A., Bastin, S., Belamari, S., Conte, D., Gaertner, M., Li, L. and Ahrens, B., 2016:
Mistral and Tramontane wind speed and wind direction patterns in regional climate simulations
Climate Dynamics.
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Sensitivity of the sea circulation to the atmospheric forcing in the Sicily Channel
Progress in Oceanography, 140, 54-68.
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Meteorological analysis systems in north-east Spain: validation of SAFRAN and SPAN
Journal of Environmental Informatics, 27, 116-130.
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Characterization of air-sea exchanges over the Western Mediterranean Sea during HyMeX SOP1 using the AROME-WMED model
Quarterly Journal of the Royal Meteorological Society, 142, 173-187.
[bibtex] [pdf] [doi]
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Spatial interpolation of experimental raindrop size distribution spectra
Quaterly Journal of the Royal Meteorological Society, 142, 125-137.
[bibtex] [pdf] [doi]
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Relationships between total lightning activity, microphysics, and kinematics during the 24 September 2012 HyMeX bow echo system
Quarterly Journal of the Royal Meteorological Society, 142, 298-309.
[bibtex] [pdf] [doi]
Ribaud, J.-F., Bousquet, O., Coquillat, S., Al-Sakka, H., Lambert, D., Ducrocq, V. and Fontaine, E., 2016:
Evaluation and application of hydrometeor classification algorithm outputs inferred from multi-frequency dual-polarimetric radar observations collected during HyMeX
Quarterly Journal of the Royal Meteorological Society, 142, 95-107.
[bibtex] [pdf] [doi]
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Multi-sensor analysis of convective activity in central Italy during the HyMeX SOP 1.1
Atmospheric Measurement Techniques, 9, 535-552.
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MED-CORDEX initiative for Mediterranean climate studies
Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society, 97, 1187-1208.
[bibtex] [pdf] [doi]
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Potential of microwave observations for the evaluation of rainfall and convection in a regional climate model in the frame of HyMeX and MED-CORDEX
Climate Dynamics.
[bibtex] [pdf] [doi]
Rysman, J.-F., Claud, C., Chaboureau, J.-P., Delanoë, J. and Funatsu, B. M., 2016:
Severe convection in the Mediterranean from microwave observations and a convection-permitting model
Quarterly Journal of the Royal Meteorological Society, 142, 43-55.
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Spatial and temporal variability of rainfall in the Alps–Mediterranean Euroregion
Journal of Applied Meteorology and Climatology, 55, 655-671.
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Röhner, L., Nerding, K.-U. and Corsmeier, U., 2016:
Diagnostic study of a HyMeX heavy precipitation event over Spain by investigation of moisture trajectories
Quarterly Journal of the Royal Meteorological Society, 142, 287-297.
[bibtex] [pdf] [doi]
Sanchez-Gomez, E. and Somot, S., 2016:
Investigating the effects of the internal variability of a regional climate model on the Mediterranean storm tracks
Climate Dynamics. (Submitted)
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Offshore winds obtained from a network of wind-profiler radars during HyMeX
Quarterly Journal of the Royal Meteorological Society, 142, 23-42.
[bibtex] [pdf] [doi]
Scheffknecht, P., Richard, E. and Lambert, D., 2016:
A highly localized high-precipitation event over Corsica
Quarterly Journal of the Royal Meteorological Society, 142, 206-221.
[bibtex] [pdf] [doi]
Shabou, S., Ruin, I., Lutoff, C., Debionne, S., Anquetin, S. and Creutin, J.-D., 2016:
MobRISK: a large-scale activity-based mobility model for assessing exposure of road users to flash flood events
Journal of Transport Geography. (Submitted)
Somot, S., Houpert, L., Sevault, F., Testor, P., Bosse, A., Taupier-Letage, I., Bouin, M.-N., Waldman, R., Cassou, C., Sanchez-Gomez, E., Durrieu de Madron, X., Adloff, F., Nabat, P. and Herrmann, M., 2016:
Characterizing, modelling and understanding the climate variability of the deep water formation in the North-Western Mediterranean Sea
Climate Dynamics.
[bibtex] [pdf] [doi]
Stocchi, P. and Davolio, S., 2016:
Intense air-sea exchange and heavy rainfall: impact of the northern Adriatic SST
Advances in Science and Research, 13, 7-12.
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Struglia, M.V., Adani, M., Carillo, A., Pisacane, G., Sannino, G., Beuvier, J., Lovato, T., Sevault, F. and Vervatis, V., 2016:
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