Task 1. Coordination, publications, dissemination
Together with a steering committee, the project coordination is responsible for the implementation of the field operations, the project meetings, reports, and publications, as well as the promotion of the model improvements within the operational or regional earth modelling systems.

Task 2. Field operations
From January to March 2013, the project's field campaign focused on intense wind and ocean convective events in the Gulf of Lions, collecting observations simultaneously in the ocean and the marine atmospheric boundary layers.

Task 3. Modelling
The modelling task makes use of several high-resolution limited-area ocean models over the North Western Mediterranean together with a dedicated version of the AROME atmospheric model to simulate the evolution of both the upper ocean and the MABL during the preconditioning phase and the dense water formation phase. A mass-flux parameterization scheme for ocean convection and a high-resolution ocean-atmosphere coupled model are being developed within this task, as well as an improved air-sea flux parameterization. These new parameterizations will be tested on regional climate simulations.

Task 4. Process studies
Studies in Task 4 aim to identify (sub)mesoscale ocean/atmosphere processes involved in the upper ocean and MABL evolution leading to dense water formation.

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