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The Med-CORDEX FPS-Aerosol : the wiki page

The FPS-Aerosol is one of the first endorsed Flagship Pilot Studies in CORDEX.

Preliminary remarks : Med-CORDEX FPS and ChArMEx

We decided to propose a single document and coordinated action for both aerosol-climate Med-CORDEX Flagship Pilot Study (FPS) and the ChArMEx program (the Chemistry-Aerosol Mediterranean Experiment) because both these initiatives share a common interest focusing on the Mediterranean aerosol cycle, variability , future evolution and impacts.

  • Med-CORDEX aims at analysing the direct radiative and possibly indirect impacts of aerosol variability on Mediterranean regional climate, and gather groups using regional climate models. Med-CORDEX proposed to CORDEX in 2016 the so-called FPS aerosol-climate. It was endorsed officially in May 2016.
  • ChArMEx WP7 is focused on the evolution of atmospheric chemistry conditions including aerosol and gas phase processes (ozone cycle), air quality evolution, deposition of chemicals to ecosystems, and specific processes like SOA formation, role of biogenic emissions. Participation from climate models (e.g. overlapping with Med-CORDEX) but also detailed chemistry transport models (CTM) and mesoscale models operating on time scales.
  • ChArMEx WP4 is focused on aerosol radiative impact and aerosol-climate interactions.

Note that ChArMEx literature includes an on-line special issue on-line jointly published by ACP and AMT with already more than 65 papers. ChArMEx data are available upon registration.

This wiki aims at sharing information between the participants about the FPS Aerosols.

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