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List of participants to the Med-CORDEX FPS-Aerosol

Please find below the list of participants to the FPS Aerosol. Please contact us ( / if the information concerning your model is not correct.

Protocol 1 : External Aerosol Forcing

1A = Reanalysis-driven simulations
1B = Historical and future climate simulations
Status of the simulations can be: ? (unknown), in prep. (in preparation), running, done, esgf (published on the ESGF)

Modeling Center Model Contact point Simulations Simulations
1A 1B
Bogazici University Levent Kurnaz ( ?
CMCC CCLM Piero Lionello ( ?
CNRM CNRM-RCSM4 Pierre Nabat ( done(1)
CNRM CNRM-ALADIN63 Pierre Nabat ( ? done(2)
ETHZ COSMO-CLM Silje Soerland ( done
GERICS REMO2015 Joni-Pekka Pietikainen ( done
Kevin Sieck (
GUF CCLM Bodo Ahrens ( ?
HMS ALADIN52 Gabriella Zsebehazi ( ?
IPSL WRF Sylvain Mailler ( ?
ISAC-CNR Tony C. Landi ( ?
KNMI RACMO22E Erik van Meijgaard ( in prep.
LA RegCM Fabien Solmon ( ? in prep.
UCLM PROMES Enrique Sanchez ( ? ?
UKMO HadGEM3-RA Erasmo Buonomo ( ?
University of Thessaloniki WRF-AUTH Eleni Katragkou ( done
Vassilis Pavlidis (

(1): test documented in Nabat et al. (2014) in GRL (2): test documented in Boé et al. (sub.) in Climate Dynamics

Protocol 2: Interactive aerosols

2A = Case studies
2B = Reanalysis-driven evaluation runs
2C = Historical and future climate simulations

Modeling Center Model Contact point Simulations/Status Natural Anthrop. Direct/Indirect DRF
CNRM CNRM-RCSM Pierre Nabat ( 2A_1/done 2B/done 2C/done D & SS Yes Yes/Yes
CNRM MOCAGE (CTM) Jonathan Guth ( 2A_1/done D & SS Yes No/No
IPSL CHIMERE (CTM) Laurent Menut ( 2A_1/done D & SS Yes No/No
LA RegCM Fabien Solmon ( 2A_1/done 2B/in prep. 2C D & SS Yes Yes/Yes
National Observatory of Athens WRF-Chem Vassiliki Kotroni ( 2A_1 ?
University of Murcia WRF-Chem Pedro Jimenez Guerrero ( 2A_1_/done 2B/in prep. 2C D & SS Yes Yes/Yes
University of Thessaloniki RegCM Prodromos Zanis ( 2A_1 ?
DLR COSMO/MESSy Mariano Mertens ( 2A_1/done D & SS Yes No/No
University of Mainz COSMO/GMXe Joachim Fallmann ( 2A_1/done D & SS Yes No/No
MIO MesoNH Christophe Yohia ( 2A_1/done SS No No/No
ECMWF IFS Samuel Remy ( 2A_1/done 2B/done* D & SS Yes No/No

D = Dust / SS = Sea Spray / DRF : Direct Radiative Forcing
* only for the 2011-2014 period

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