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Program of the 1st FPS-Aerosol workshop

CNRM conference room (room Joël Noilhan, 2nd floor, Navier building)

Tuesday 12 June

9h30-10h : Welcome and coffee

10h-10h20 : Presentation of the Med-CORDEX initiative and the FPS Aerosols (M. Mallet, F. Solmon)

10h20-10h40 : Presentation of the ChArMEx program (F. Dulac)

10h40-12h00 : Short presentations (5 min) of the models by the different groups involved in the FPS

  • IPSL/CHIMERE (L. Menut)
  • MF/CNRM-RCSM (P. Nabat)
  • LA/RegCM (F. Solmon)
  • UTH/WRF-C (V. Pavlidis)
  • MF/MOCAGE (J. Guth)
  • CUP/RegCM-CAMx (P. Huszar)
  • DLR/COSMO (M. Mertens)
  • Univ. Murcia/WRF-C (P. Guerrero)
  • UCLM/PROMES (E. Sanchez)

Lunch break (12h00-14h00)

14h00-15h00 : In-situ Observations (15-min scientific presentations and short discussion)

  • C. Denjean - In-situ airborne measurements of aerosols properties over the Western Mediterranean basin during the ADRIMED campaign
  • M. D. Mallet - In-situ ground-based measurements of aerosols properties at Lampedusa during the ADRIMED campaign
  • X. Ceamanos - Tracking aerosols from MSG/SEVIRI spaceborne observations: a 12-year archive of aerosol load over the Mediterranean basin
  • Discussion on observations needed for FPS Aerosol

15h00-16h00 : Interactive aerosol modelling (15-min scientific presentations)

  • T. Drugé - Integration of an ammonium-nitrate aerosol module into the CNRM regional climate system model and estimation of their impacts over the Mediterranean regional climate
  • F. Solmon - RCP climate simulations - dust projections
  • J. Guth or L. El Amraoui - MOCAGE simulations during TRAQA
  • M. Mertens - Modelling the of effects of land transport emissions on ozone on global and regional scale

16h00-16h30 : Coffee break

16h30-18h00 : Discussion on protocol 2 (simulations, variables, calendar, multi-model studies)

20h00 : Dinner in Toulouse city center: “Chez Navarre”, 49 grande rue Nazareth 31000 Toulouse

Wednesday 13 June

9h00-10h30 : Aerosol-climate interactions in Protocol 1 (15-min scientific presentations)

  • V. Pavlidis : Investigating the impact of aerosol climatologies on surface shortwave radiation in regional climate mode simulations over Europe
  • P. Nabat : Aerosol-climate interactions over the Mediterranean: what did we learn from CNRM-RCSM climate simulatons using aerosol climatologies ?
  • S. Mailler

10h30-11h00 : Coffee break

11h00-12h30 : Discussions on protocol 1 (simulations, variables, calendar, multi-model studies)

Lunch break

14h00-16h00 : General discussion on the FPS

16h00-16h30 : Summary and conclusions

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