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Protocol 1A:

The goal of this first protocol is to evaluate, for present day conditions driven by ERA-Interim reanalysis, the impact of aerosols on regional climate using non interactive aerosol climatologies. Indeed this king of climatologies is still widely used by the regional climate community. Therefore it can be seen as a sensitivity experiment to assess current practices in RCM in CORDEX, with potential impacts on the simulated climate change signal.

The following simulations are requested:

  • TRE1A (1979-2015) the baseline simulation of Med-CORDEX/Euro-CORDEX using a time-varying aerosol climatology (recommendation: Nabat et al. 2013)
  • CST1A (1979-2015) similar to the baseline simulation but with constant aerosol (monthly climatology without any aerosol trend)
  • NO1A (2001-2015 or 1979-2015 if possible) a simulation without any aerosol

These simulations have to be run with a regional climate model on a domain including the Med-CORDEX official domain (see details here). Lateral boundary conditions have to be given by an atmospheric reanalysis such as ERA-Interim. An ocean-atmosphere coupling with the Mediterranean Sea is recommended.

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