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Protocol 2A:

Case studies coincident with field campaigns

5 possible different periods/events are proposed :

- 2A_1 : ADRIMED campaign → simulation for the June-July-August 2013,

- 2A_2 : heat wave of summer 2006,

- 2A_3 : PEACETIME campaign → simulation from the 01 May to 15 June 2017,

Objectives :

- control out the dust source regions & sea-spray emissions and timing of the simulated events between different RCM/CTM,

- use of in-situ surface/aircraft observations for evaluating RCM/CTM models over the Mediterranean,

- control the 3D structure of the direct, semi-direct (possibly first indirect) radiative forcing of aerosols at the surface, TOA and ATM (both in SW and LW),

- role of aerosols during extreme events (precipitation, heat waves),

Key points for the models :

- interactive natural/anthropogenic aerosols,

- direct and semi-direct radiative effects should be included,

- first indirect radiative effect could be also investigated depending on the models,

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