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Protocol 2B:

Reanalysis-driven evaluation runs (e.g. ERA-Interim over the 1979-2017 period)

Minimum simulation period 2000-2015 (encompass the case studies), better if longer (1980-now) for comparing with other Med-CORDEX evaluation runs and with protocol 1 runs.

Scientific Objectives :

- role of natural/anthropogenic aerosols on the radiative budget at the surface and TOA (SW/LW) for long-term past/present period, using interactive aerosol simulations & multi-model approach,

- aerosol radiative effects over long term integrations : mean/trends/variability,

- test the robustness of the Nabat et al. (2015) results using a multi-model (using an Ocean-Atmopshere coupling) approach → sensitivity of the hydrological cycle to the radiative effect of natural/anthropogenic aerosols,

- investigate the tendency in dust deposition over the Mediterranean region,

Data-set :


- possible connections with ACTRIS-EU for aerosol in-situ surface measurements,

Key points for the models :

- interactive natural/anthropogenic aerosols,

- direct and semi-direct radiative effects should be included,

- first indirect radiative effects (depending on the models),

- require two parallel simulations with and without (natural/anthropogenic) aerosols,

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