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-Wiki page associated to the CORDEX-FPS convection (see [[|CORDEX web page]])+__**CORDEX-FPS convection: the Wiki page**__  
 +(see [[|CORDEX web page]])
-  * Main scientific objectives +The FPS-convection is one of the first endorsed Flagship Pilot Study in CORDEX and is a shared initiative by Med-CORDEX and Euro-CORDEX.... 
-  * Protocol + 
-  * Results+  [[objectives|Main scientific objectives]] 
 +  * [[protocol|Protocol]] 
 +  * [[results|Results]]
   * [[modellist|Participating models]]   * [[modellist|Participating models]]
 +  * [[runs|List of runs]]
   * [[meetings|Meetings]]   * [[meetings|Meetings]]
-  * Contacts+  * [[page_contact|Contacts]]
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