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List of participating models:

Contribs' IDContributorContact PersonEmailRCD ModelActivity
AUTH-MCAristotle University of Thessaloniki, Department of Meteorology & Climatology Eleni Katragkou WRF381dynamical downscaling
BCCRBjerknes Centre for Climate ResearchStefan Sobolowski WRF381dynamical downscaling
WEGCWegener Center for Climate and Global Change, University of GrazHeimo Truhetz WRF 1)dynamical downscaling
WEGC-CLMcomWegener Center for Climate and Global Change, University of GrazMarie Piazza CCLM 2)dynamical downscaling
DHMZMeteorological and Hydrological Service of CroatiaIvan Güttler RegCM4-5dynamical downscaling
NOA-IERSDNational Observatory of Athens, Institute for Environmental Research and Sustainable DevelopmentTheodore M. Giannaros WRF381dynamical downscaling
MOHCMet Office Hadley CentreLizzie Kendon UM10.1dynamical downscaling
HZG-CLMcomHelmholtz-Zentrum Geesthacht, Institute of Coastal ResearchBurkhardt Rockel CCLM5-0-9 dynamical downscaling
GUF-CLMcomGoethe University Frankfurt am MainBodo Ahrens CCLMeval(Alps), dynamical downscaling(NE,EM)
FZJ-IBG3Research Centre Juelich, Institute of Bio- and Geosciences (Agrosphere, IBG-3)Klaus Goergen WRF381dynamical downscaling
ICTPAbdus Salam Internatinal Centre for Theoretical Physics - Earth System PhysicsErika Coppola RegCM4-5dynamical downscaling
CICEROCenter for International Climate and Environmental Research - OsloØivind Hodnebrog WRF381dynamical downscaling
JLU-CLMcomJustus-Liebig University of Giessen, Department of Geography, Climatology, Climate Dynamics and Climate ChangeMerja Tölle CCLM5-0-9dynamical downscaling
UNIBE-GIUBUniversity of Bern, Institute of GeographyAndrey Martynov WRF381dynamical downscaling
CLMcomCLM Community with contributions of KIT, HZG, ZAMG, ETHZ, WEGC, JUL, GUF, BTU, CMCCHan-Juergen Panitz CCLM5-0-9dynamical downscaling
UNICANSantander Meteorology Group, Universidad de Cantabria, Dept. Applied Mathematics and Comp. Sci. Jersus Fernandez WRF381dynamical downscaling
AROME-ClimateCNRM-MeteoFranceSamuel Somot AROMEdynamical downscaling
REMO-GERICSClimate Service Center Germany (GERICS)Kevin Sieck kevin.sieck@hzg.dex REMO2017dynamical downscaling
HCLIM-KNMIKoninklijk Nederlands Meteorologisch Instituut (KNMI)Hylke de Vries HCLIMdynamical downscaling
HCLIM-METNoNorwegian Meteorological InstituteAndreas Dobler HCLIMdynamical downscaling
Truhetz, Heimo ( version to be discussed
Truhetz, Heimo ( version according to CLMcom recoomendations
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