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1st HyMeX workshop 9-11 January 2007, Toulouse, France

Short abstracts for posters

There are 87 abstracts online.

  • Reconstitution des évènements climatiques extrêmes (crues et tempêtes) dans le Golfe d'Aigues-Mortes à partir de l'étude des archives sédimentaires
    Dezileau Laurent

  • RiOMar.fr : Fate of organic carbon and nutrient at the interface between the Rhone river and the Mediterranean Sea
    Rabouille Christophe

  • A wavelet method to handle synoptic-scale coherent structures
    Plu Matthieu

  • Indicators for flash flood prevention at the catchment scale using remote sensing data and simple field surveys
    DESPRATS J-Francois

  • LATEX (Lagrangian Transport EXperiment) dans le golfe du Lion

  • Comparison Ocean Dynamics with a Regional Circulation Model and Improved Altimetry in the Northwestern Mediterranean
    Bouffard Jérôme

  • Comportement biogéochimique des contaminants chimiques en mer Méditerranée ouverte
    Cossa Daniel

  • Modeling the deep convection in the Northwestern Mediterranean Sea using an eddy-permitting and an eddy-resolving model: case study of winter 1986-87
    Herrmann Marine

  • Hydro-meteorological modeling study of a flash-flood event over Catalonia: Sensitivities of the Llobregat river response to the rainfall uncertainty
    Romero Romualdo

  • OMERE a long term environmental research observatory about anthropogenic and climate change impacts on water and matter flow in Mediterranean rural hydrological systems
    Voltz Marc

  • Applications des mesures GPS (2D & 3D) de la vapeur d'eau à l'étude des précipitations intenses du sud-est de la France.
    Champollion Cédric

  • GPS network in South of France for better understanding and prediction of heavy rains
    Boniface Karen

  • Linking Hydrology and Atmospheric Sciences in Continental Water Dynamics Modeling
    David Cedric

  • Méthode d'identification du risque de coupure du réseau routier
    Versini Pierre-Antoine

  • Observation of Mediterranean precipitating systems using AMSU
    Funatsu Beatriz

  • The CYPRIM project
    Ducrocq Véronique

  • The influence of submarine groundwater discharge on coastal zones : the case of two Mediterranean lagoons.
    Gattacceca Julie

  • Etudes de Processus Non-Hydrostatiques
    Wirth Achim

  • Use of TRMM and lightning network observations for the study of storms over the Mediterranean
    Lagouvardos Konstantinos

  • Use of satellite data for the improvement of high resolution precipitation forecasts in the Mediterranean
    Kotroni Vassiliki

  • Delta de Camargue et cycle de l'eau : principaux résultats de l'ORE Resyst.
    Radakovitch Olivier

  • MARINE : Prévision des crues éclair sur le Gardon d'Anduze
    Maubourguet Marie Madeleine

  • The DUNE project: a DUst experiment in a low Nutrient, low chlorophyll Ecosystem.
    Guieu Cécile

  • Three-dimensionnal coupled modeling of wave- and wind/buoyancy- driven currents: An application in the Gulf of Lion (NW Mediterranean sea, France)
    Denamiel Cléa

  • Approche régionale pour la détection d'instationnarités dans des séries pluviométriques de l'arc méditerranéen français.
    Pujol Nicolas

  • Statistical downscaling of wind probability distributions over the western Mediterranean basin
    Salameh Tamara

  • Flash flood forecasting within the PREVIEW project.
    Vincendon Béatrice

  • Large Scale Circulation (LSC) changes around Mediterranean and Europe: a worsening factor affecting hot season shortages of water supply through a regional intensification of global warming.
    Plaut Guy

  • Role of Mediterranean karst aquifers in flood genesis, Does an active management of karst system could contribute to reduce the risk of flooding or can we predict by simulations its behaviour?
    Dörfliger Nathalie

  • Designing effective water management strategies of coastal aquifers at risk of salt water intrusion
    Aunay Bertrand

  • Groundwater resources in Mediterranean karst aquifers; From karstification setting to current functioning illustrated with examples
    Dörfliger Nathalie

  • A high resolution eddy resolving model of the North-Western Mediterranean Sea
    Garreau Pierre

  • Coastal to nearshore hydrodynamics along the Northwestern Méditerranean coast. The european project NAUSICAA and the GLADYS fellowship
    Bouchette Frédéric

  • Sediment Transport in the Gulf of Lion (NW Mediterranean): Impact of Extreme Meteorological Events (storm, flood)
    Ulses Caroline

  • Radium isotopes in seawater, suspended and sinking particles collected at DYFAMED station (Western Mediterranean Sea)
    Van Beek Pieter

  • Validation of the SAFRAN meteorological analysis over the French Mediterranean region
    Quintana Seguí Pere

  • Improvement of the performance of the SAFRAN-ISBA-MODCOU model for hydrological applications on the Mediterranean region of France.
    Quintana Seguí Pere

  • Air-sea interactions and coupling in Mediterranean torrential rain events

  • Significance of NW Mediterranean flash flood events on the functionning of the nearshore marine ecosystem
    Guizien Katell

  • Impacts des pratiques culturales sur les variations spatiales du microclimat et des flux en Crau-Camargue. Apport des données de télédétection pour le suivi de la gestion en eau des cultures.
    Courault Dominique

  • Experimental study of surface runoff under simulated rainfall in Cévennes-Vivarais: towards a contributing length.
    Nicolas Matthieu

  • Comparison of two methods to forecast a low predictable heavy rainfall case
    Argence Sébastien

  • A combined used of Meteosat water vapor imagery and potential vorticity inversion to improve the numerical prediction of the Algiers 2001 superstorm
    Argence Sébastien

  • Karst/river interactions during Mediterranean flash-floods: Case of the Coulazou river with the karst system of the Thau lagoon (South France)
    Bailly-Comte Vincent

  • Mesoscale data assimilation for high-resolution forecasting of heavy rain events
    Jaubert Geneviève

  • Extreme groundwater surges in fractured and karstified carbonate aquifers
    Najib Kenza

  • Short-term variation of the phytoplankton assemblage in the Bay of Marseille (France) monitored by in situ flow cytometry
    Thyssen Melilotus

  • Short-term variability of ultraplankton in the northwestern Mediterranean in late summer 2004. Evidence for pulsed mineralisation in the water column
    DENIS Michel

  • Potential of MIMOSA to detect deep stratospheric intrusions associated with severe weather over the Mediterranean Basin
    Claud Chantal

  • Aerosol distribution over the western Mediterranean basin during a Tramontane/Mistral event
    SALAMEH Tamara

  • MountSnowMed: A project proposal on the impact of climate change on snow dynamics and snow derived water resources in Mediterranean Mountain Regions
    De Jong Carmen

  • Biogeochemical processes in Rhone diluted mesoscale structures
    Naudin Jean-Jacques

    Calvet Jean-Christophe

  • Interpreting airplane measurements with the help of a 3D model with detailed (bin) microphysics
    Leroy Delphine

  • Contribution of low frequency radar imagery to hydrogeological exploration in arid countries.
    Grandjean Gilles

  • In-situ measurement of Mediterranean nearshore hydrodynamics at high temporal and spatial resolution. FEST and CALAMAR experiments
    Certain Raphael

  • Near real time mapping of soil moisture using SAR images
    Baghdadi Nicolas

  • Tomography sensitivity tests and comparisons of water vapor fields with radar data.
    Reverdy Mathieu

  • Characterization of karstic aquifer and localization of conduits using geophysics.
    Girard Jean-François

  • Triggering and stationarity factors for Heavy Precipitating Events over Southern France
    Nuissier olivier

  • Orographic rainfall over the Cévennes-Vivarais region
    Anquetin Sandrine

  • Characterizing regional temperature regimes of NW Mediterranean coastal waters: a step forward to better understand the responses of benthic communities to current climate change
    Bensoussan Nathaniel

  • Macroscopic modelling of floods over urban areas
    Lhomme Julien

  • Impact of karstic aquifer on water balance in Mediterranean region
    Plagnes Valérie

  • A methodology for hydrological post-flash flood field investigations
    Gaume Eric

  • The European project HYDRATE on flash floods (2006-2008)
    Gaume Eric

  • Understanding Convection and Lightning Activity from Ground-based and Multi-satellite Observations for Hydrology Applications
    Defer Eric

  • Collection and valuation of information on past historical flash floods
    Payrastre Olivier

  • The Cévennes-Vivarais Mediterranean Hydro-Meteorological Observatory
    Delrieu Guy

  • A 3-D coupled surface-subsurface model to investigate the runoff dynamics on hillslopes
    Esclaffer Thomas

  • Spatial and temporal structure of intense Mediterranean precipitation
    Berne (1,2) Alexis

  • The Bollène-2002 experiment: evaluation of processing strategies for radar QPE in the Cévennes-Vivarais region
    Boudevillain (1) Brice

  • The Alès DSD measurement experiment
    Chapon (1) Benoit

  • CORSICA 2007: a project of field campaign on ozone photochemistry and aerosols in western Mediterranean
    Gheusi François

  • Towards a physically-based VPR identification method
    Kirstetter (1,2) Pierre-Emmanuel

  • Evaluation de la parametrisations des nuages dans LMDZ par desagregation spatio-temporelle
    Chéruy Frédérique

  • Mediterranean synoptic scale ingredients involved in Heavy Precipitating Events triggering over Southern France: a clustering approach.
    Joly Bruno

  • Impacts of intense aerosol episodes in the western Mediterranean region
    Collectif Aérosols

  • MEDICIS - projet intégré sur la contamination chimique en Méditérranée
    Cadiou Jean-François

  • Entre Terre et Mer : la Zone Atelier Orme. Pour une approche intégrée de la zone côtière du golfe du Lion
    Ludwig Wolfgang

  • Proposal of deployment of a UHF-radar wind-profiler network along the french Mediterranean coast for the HYMEX experimental phase
    Caccia Jean-Luc

  • Marine aerosols, heavy precipitation and flash-flooding
    Despiau Serge

  • The Use of Remotely Sensed data for Integrated Hydrological Modelling in Arid and Semi-Arid Regions: the SUDMED Program
    Chehbouni Abdelghani

  • Heavy precipitating events over southern France: mesoscale environment
    Ricard Didier

  • MHYDAS : Modélisation Hydrologique Spatialisée des AgroSystèmes - Spatially Distributed Hydrological Modelling of AgroSystem
    Moussa Roger

  • Les marnes, roches imperméables ? Processus générateurs des crues dans les marnes noires de l'Oxfordien
    Cosandey Claude

  • Reconstitution of paleostorms events about 300 years ago, recorded in a coastal lagoon (Hérault, South of France)
    Sabatier Pierre